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End-to-end EV Charging and
Energy Management Solution

The Driivz smart cloud-based platform spans EV charging operations, energy management, bespoke billing and roaming capabilities, home, public and workplace charging, and driver self- service tools.

  • Operational excellence
    • Ensure charger stability and availability with self-healing algorithms
    • Reduce total cost of ownership with smart charging management



    Up to 80 percent of operational-related issues fixed remotely
  • Commercial superiority
    • Monetize your network and support complex business models
    • Increase end-customer satisfaction with advanced self-service tools



    Managing millions of billing transactions of more than 700,000 EV drivers
  • Technological leadership
    • Certified by OCA for Open Charge Point Protocols (OCPP 1.5,1.6)
    • Complies with ISO 15118 and OCPP 2.0.1 enabling vehicle-to-grid (V2G) communications



    More than 170 OCPP-certified chargers are already on our system
  • Visionary and future proof
    • Enabling a distributed, renewable, smart energy management
    • Supporting exponential EV market growth



    Equivalent of over 43,000 tonnes of CO2 saved

Digital services for
EV charging networks

  • Charge Point Operators (CPO)

    Ensure EV charging operation excellence, reduce total cost of ownership and monetize your chargers with innovative energy management tools.


    Connect with EV charging networks, manage drivers, create bespoke billing packages and offer a branded portal and app for end-users.


    Integrate your charging operation and e-mobility digital services with the Driivz end-to-end EV charging management solution, for a robust and interconnected network.

Supporting large global networks
and exponential market growth

EVgo, the US’ largest network of public electric vehicle fast-charging stations, has partnered with Driivz to migrate their network to the Driivz software platform, in order to give their drivers a charging solution that enhances the entire EV experience.



EVgo and Driivz


“The combination of Driivz’s platform with our software and products gives us much greater functionality than before”



Jonathan Tudor, Director of Technology, Centrica Innovations


“It is an extremely stable and performant platform in terms of scale.”



Mark Connolly, IT Systems Manager, ESB


“Charging EVs on a massive scale, in a sustainable way within the limits of the existing power grid, can only be done … by utilizing a comprehensive and effective charging management system.”



Onoph Caron, MD, ElaadNL


Optimize your energy assets and reduce your energy consumption

SmartChain™ Energy Management

Balance demand throughout the day, overcome local grid capacity and integrate batteries and renewables.




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