Empowering service providers that want
to take a leading role in the e-mobility landscape

Accelerate your market leadership by scaling your infrastructure and optimizing operational efficiency while delivering an exceptional charging experience

  • Operational Excellence
    • Ensure charger stability and availability with self-healing algorithms
    • Reduce TCO with low to zero-maintenance chargers
    Up to 80% of operational issues fixed remotely
  • Commercial Superiority
    • Monetize your network and support complex business models
    • Increase end-customer satisfaction with advanced self-service solutions
    x100s of millions of events managed for millions of EV drivers
  • Technological Leadership
    • Certified by OCA for Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6 and 2.0.1
    • Complies with ISO 15118 enabling V2G capabilities and plug & charge
    Supports over 1,200 OCPP-certified charger models
  • Visionary and Future-proof
    • Use smart energy management to meet the growing need for power
    • Proven with the largest scale deployments of thousands of EV chargers
    Deployed in more than 30 countries globally

Digital services for EV charging networks

Smart Energy Management

Optimize energy management for EV charging through smart utilization of local renewable energy sources, battery storage, and the grid

Balance loads throughout the day and overcome local grid capacity while lowering costs


Enabling large global networks and exponential market growth


EVgo is one of the largest public EV fast charging networks in the US. The company migrated their network to Driivz’s platform to ensure their drivers get a superior charging experience.

EVgo and Driivz


“We wanted a future-proof, international EV charging solution that could serve all our business areas.”

Camilla Moe, Chief Technology Officer, Mer


“Driivz has proven to be very successful at scaling with us and catering to our unique requirements.”

John Byrne, Head of EV Solutions, ESB

Circle K chooses Driivz

“We needed a future-proof, robust EV charging management solution with the scalability to handle our rapid growth and the flexibility to connect EV charging to the wider Circle K ecosystem.”

Johan Grönlund, Product director of the New Global eMobility division, Circle K

Circle K chooses Driivz

The Decision Maker’s Guide
To Selecting An Electric Vehicle Charging Management Platform

  • Understand the challenges facing EV charging industry players
  • Learn about the capabilities that an EV charging management platform needs to overcome them
  • Consider different approaches to implementation

The Decision Maker’s Guide to Selecting an EV Charging Management Platform