An illustration of the CEZ group EV charging network managed by Driivz

Driivz selected by CEZ Group to manage its EV charging network in Czech Republic

Posted By Driivz Team
11 September, 2019

Driivz has been chosen by the CEZ Group to manage its EV charging infrastructure in the Czech Republic. Driivz will support the CEZ Group’s existing network and its expansion plans with its state-of-the-art platform, at a time when the integrated electricity conglomerate is investing in its EV charge point portfolio.

Currently, there are approximately 3000 EVs registered in the Czech Republic and around 400 charging stations located across the country. With the number of EVs expected to rise to 500,000 by 2030, the Ministry of Transport is aiming to cater for the increased demand by constructing an additional 500 charging stations by 2023.

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The CEZ Group’s charging network, known as ČEZ Electromobility, is the largest EV charging network in the Czech Republic. The group is currently installing new public fast-charging stations along major roads, which will be capable of charging most standard-capacity EV batteries in under half an hour. The infrastructure development is being financed by two grants from the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility programme for the transport sector and the Operational Programme ‘Transport’. Part of the network is also being built by the CEZ Group at its own expense.

Driivz was selected by the CEZ Group after a thorough and competitive tender process and will deliver the charge point management system for the entire ČEZ Electromobility network. A wide range of modules from the company’s platform will be provided, such as dedicated portals for drivers and operators and a tailored mobile app for both Android and Apple users, allowing EV drivers to access a variety of dynamic options and manage their accounts.

Other elements will include bespoke billing and a 24/7 alert management system, offering live notifications and automatic self-healing functionalities across the entire network of charge points. Data and reporting analytics will also help both drivers and CEZ Group operators by offering invaluable insights into which charge points are available and use the most energy, as well as what the peak charging times are across the entire network.

Tomáš Chmelík, Section Manager of CEZ Group’s Clean Technology Department, commented:

“Our EV team searched for an advanced EV charging solution and found that Driivz was the best software to fit the charging requirements of our expanded EV charging network. We were looking for a cost-effective and stable solution that offers operational excellence, advanced billing capabilities and smart energy management, which Driivz delivers along with unparalleled technical excellence.”

Doron Frenkel, Founder and CEO of Driivz, added:

“We are delighted that the CEZ Group has picked us to manage its charging infrastructure and believe that by utilizing our technology it will be able to provide a higher level of service to its customers. It will also be able to streamline its billing operations, maximize billed transactions, increase profitability and reduce costs.”

By managing large global networks, Driivz is supporting exponential EV market growth. It is enabling a distributed, renewable, smart energy value chain with vehicle-to-grid and energy management capabilities and reducing total cost of ownership through its advanced automated management tools. By 2025, Driivz expects to be managing 30% of the EV charging market.

Download our press release here.

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