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nrg and Driivz™ Team Up to Accelerate EV Charging in Greece

Posted By Driivz Team
10 May, 2022

nrg and Driivz Team Up to Accelerate EV Charging in Greece

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 10th, 2022 – nrg Supply and Trading S.A. (“NRG”), a leading alternative electricity and natural gas provider in Greece, selected the Driivz EV charging and smart energy management platform to propel its growth in the electric vehicle charging market. Driivz will enable nrg to accomplish its vision of becoming a dominant player in the EV charging market and provide its business, commercial and household customers with the most innovative and reliable services in EV charging.

nrg is a member of the Motor Oil Group of companies, which is a major player of the mobility market in Greece with its Shell and AVIN gas stations located across the country. Placing the largest fast-charging network through the gas stations in Greece was a logical first move into the EV charging market for nrg and a way to maintain customer satisfaction by covering the needs of electric vehicle drivers.

“With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, we have made e-Mobility one of the pillars of our energy strategy,” said Elias Petris, Strategy and Business Development Manager of nrg. “We realized that we needed a scalable, future-proof EV charging management platform to achieve our aggressive growth targets in EV charging, giving us an edge over the competition.”

In addition to growing its gas station-based EV charger locations by 400% over the next two years, nrg is striking agreements to meet the EV charging needs of major retailers, shopping malls, office building owners and hotels.

The decision to select Driivz was largely thanks to the charging network reliability enabled by the platform. Operational excellence is a core pillar of the platform, which provides real-time monitoring of charger status and remote self-healing that proactively resolves up to 80% of charger issues. The Driivz platform is hardware-agnostic and supports many charger types and standards, giving nrg flexibility for building and expanding its EV charging infrastructure.

Partnering with Driivz enables nrg to offer exceptional EV charging services and, with the EV driver mobile app, a way to extend existing customer loyalty programs to include EV charging.

“It is an honor to be chosen by nrg as they are becoming a leading player in e-Mobility,” said Doron Frenkel, CEO of Driivz. “nrg, as a utility offering electricity to EV chargers from 100% renewable energy sources, shares our vision of using EV charging as a viable solution to a bigger problem — creating a greener, more sustainable world.”

About nrg

nrg Supply and Trading S.A. started operations in 2012 and is one of the most specialized companies in the supply and trade of electricity in the wider region of southeast Europe. nrg is an integrated energy supplier that offers electricity and gas solutions to residential, commercial and industrial customers through innovative programs offering access to high quality products and services, designed and customized to meet a wide range of energy needs. As of 2018, nrg is part of the Motor Oil Group, the largest private business group in Greece.

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