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Extend your offering for EV drivers and provide identification-free home charging

  • Facilitate energy management

    Operate home chargers remotely and integrate them with your demand-response systems

    Incentivize drivers to charge at off-peak times. We provide industry-leading support for V2H/V2G communications according to global EV charging standards, including OCPP 2.0.1, openADR 2.0 and ISO 15118.

  • Introduce additional revenue streams

    Increase the number of vehicles that charge via your infrastructure.

    Offer your customers a new service while leveraging the ability to access battery storage in their EVs.

  • Flexible and customizable

    Incentivize drivers who want to join the back-to-home charge plan.

    We provide easy-to-use tools for fleet managers to reimburse EV drivers charging at home.

  • Easy to integrate

    Merge with existing systems and smart-home apps with no hassle.

    Our solution can seamlessly integrate with any other systems that have already been installed.

    For EV drivers, the facility to recharge their cars at home overnight when electricity rates are at their cheapest is one of the main advantages of EV ownership. By recharging their vehicle at home, an EV driver can reduce their fuel costs by as much as 75% compared to a diesel vehicle.


    Benefit from industry-leading
    energy management solutions

    Deploying home charging infrastructure will come with energy management challenges, such as lack of visibility into energy levels and consumption and peak-load increases leading to expensive infrastructure upgrades.

    Driivz SmartChainTM Energy Manager is our comprehensive approach that will enable you to monitor, manage and adjust energy consumption, and provide optimal demand-response to your clients.

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