Select the Right EV Charging Management Partner for your NEVI Program Project

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January 29, 2024

With distribution of U.S. National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program funds continuing in waves through 2026, there’s lots of opportunity to land funding for qualifying public EV charging projects. Intended to remove the speedbumps from building a high-speed EV charging network along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors, NEVI grants cover up to 80% of the cost of new or upgraded EV charging infrastructure.

The $5.4 billion in NEVI funding is allocated at the state level, with all 50 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico participating, usually through an RFP process. Specifically, states are looking for proposals from charge point operators (CPOs), eMobility service providers (ESMPs), property owners, truck and travel stops, businesses like convenience stores, hotels, shopping centers, and other entities.

Teaming is encouraged! That includes partnering with an EV charging and energy management platform provider that can help your project meet NEVI technical and operational requirements as well as any other state requirements.


Picture a successful NEVI project proposal

At a high level, here’s what a NEVI-qualifying project looks like:


  • The site is within a mile of a state-designated interstate exit ramp, no more than 50 miles from another charging station
  • It can charge at least four vehicles simultaneously at a continuous charging rate of 150kW each
  • Each charging port has a CCS-compliant charging connector (additional connectors like NACS are allowed as well)
  • Power at the site must be at least 600kW and can include onsite solar arrays and energy storage
  • The chargers are publicly available 24×7, meet requirements for 97% uptime, and provide a way for drivers to report problems or get help


  • Charging stations provide secure payment methods accessible to people with disabilities or limited English proficiency
  • Options include at minimum a contactless payment via major credit and debit cards and a toll-free telephone or SMS option for initiating and paying for a charging session
  • No membership is required for use

Security and privacy

  • The site includes physical security for drivers and strategies to prevent tampering or illegal surveillance
  • Robust cybersecurity strategies protect driver personal and payment data, network and charger access, data transmission, and software updates

Interoperability, network connectivity, and standards support

  • Charger-to-EV Communication. Chargers conform to ISO 15118-2, -3, and -20 are Plug and Charge capable
  • Charger-to-Charger-Network Communication. Chargers conform to OCPP 2.0.1, connect securely with a charging network, and can receive and implement software updates. The charging network supports remote monitoring, diagnostics, control, and change management.
  • Charging-Network-to-Charging-Network Communication. The charging network supports OCPI 2.2.1 for communications with other charging networks.
  • Charging-Network-to-Grid Communication. The charging network communicates securely with utilities, energy providers, and local energy management systems.

Operations and data sharing

  • Chargers display real-time pricing for charging before a session starts
  • Data about the chargers, their location, pricing, and real-time status are shared with third parties at no charge so that the information is available to drivers through apps and websites
  • Data about chargers, sessions, energy use, payment methods, and uptime are provided quarterly to appropriate agencies


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Start your NEVI EV Charging Journey with the Right Platform Partner

Becoming a part of the NEVI-funded drive to build a coast-to-coast and border-to-border high-speed EV charging network, takes a strong commitment to the business. Accepting NEVI funds means committing to meeting the program’s industry-leading requirements for operational excellence, industry standards support, and maintenance for at least five years. It also demands that you provide a great driver experience.

Your selection of an EV charging and energy management software platform will play a significant role in your NEVI compliance and your ability to grow. Not only is Driivz NEVI-ready out of the box, our massively scalable cloud-based platform also provides industry-leading capabilities for managing your chargers and network remotely, processing payments and working with partners, optimizing energy consumption, and increasing driver satisfaction and loyalty.

Consider Francis Energy, the fourth-largest owner and operator of fast-charging stations in the U.S. Powered by Driivz for rapid expansion, Francis Energy has successfully secured NEVI grants to build charging stations along highway corridors in Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Missouri, Arkansas, Ohio, and Alabama.


Additional public funding available for EV charging infrastructure projects

The NEVI Program is not your only option for government funding. There are literally billions upon billions of additional dollars available from federal, state, and local government agencies and utility programs for funding or financing EV charging infrastructure projects. They can help you grow an EV charging business in locations other than the federal Alternative Fuel Corridor or help meet your obligation to fund 20% of a NEVI project’s costs.



It’s exciting to see progress toward building a robust EV charging network along 79,000 miles of U.S. highway, but there much greater opportunities remaining for CPOs, EMSPs, and existing highway-located businesses and destinations. Driivz can help your organization develop a robust, compliant, and future-proof proposal to capture NEVI and other program funding for building EV charging infrastructure. Contact us today to learn how the Driivz platform can help your company qualify for funding grants.

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