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Driivz completes US$11M series ‘C’ funding round co-led by Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Centrica Innovations

Posted By Driivz Team
19 February, 2020

Driivz today announces that it has signed an investment agreement with Gilbarco Veeder-Root (GVR) and Centrica Innovations to continue global business expansion.

GVR is the international leader in providing essential technology and equipment to enable fueling and charging at convenience stores and commercial vehicle fleets. The partnership with Driivz will expand EV charging solutions for forecourts and fleet applications and continue to remove hurdles to efficiently manage and develop EV charging infrastructure.

“This partnership with Driivz demonstrates GVR’s continued expansion in the EV charging market. As a trusted partner with a foundation in commercial and retail fueling, combined with local presence in global markets, we continue to offer innovative solutions to our customers as they look to the future of EV charging,” said GVR President Aaron Saak.

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“Driivz’s technology is unlocking the future of energy management and we’re excited to help grow this platform with new opportunities to support our customers and improve the end-user experience of EV charging.”

“We continue to be impressed by the scale of Driivz’s deployment across different markets driven by its robust platform. We’re currently working with Driivz’s innovative R&D team to integrate the company’s advanced EV-related power management solutions into Centrica’s energy management suite. This will allow us to overcome the challenges of EV charging, expedite the adoption of EVs and electrify the way we live, work and move,” said Idan Mor, Investment Director, Centrica Innovations.

Driivz is an intelligent cloud-based software platform supporting EV service providers with operations management, energy optimization, billing and roaming capabilities, as well as driver self-service apps. Driivz offers solutions currently used by more than 500,000 drivers and supporting over 130 types of charging stations.

“The investment in Driivz further validates our technological leadership in the EV space. I am thrilled about the shared vision we have with GVR and Centrica to drive EV adoption and energy optimization,” says Doron Frenkel, Driivz’s Founder and CEO.

“Major utilities, automakers and gas and oil companies have already chosen Driivz for its future-proof technology and proven scalability to enable them to accelerate their business expansion into the disruptive and growing EV domain.

As the driver journey constantly evolves in parallel to shifts in the energy market, we are developing innovative solutions for multiple verticals, such as the fleets and gas and oil companies.

Our strategic partnership with GVR creates a business synergy that will allow GVR to complement its solution offering with digital services for EV charging and will allow us to support our customers and power the e-mobility revolution,” Frenkel added.

Download our press release here.

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