The Driivz analytics engine, designed specifically for the EV charging industry enables you to better understand and manage your operations based on real data from your network.

Gain insights into your network and processes, users, and infrastructure. Know what’s going on in the system, view and manage copious amounts of data, statistics, scheduling and maintenance rosters. Benefit from real-time data that is updated constantly and re-calculated at the end of each day and at every system startup. 

Built on top of the Driivz EV Charging Management platform, the analytics module provides extensive range up-to-date reports allow you to quickly adjust and optimize your operations.

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The various reports cover the following topics:

Chargers & Usage

charger usage and status; charger sessions and availability; charger duration report; fault and fault trend report; sent profiles report and more


Detailed trend reports about drivers, drivers' vehicles and rejected cards.


Reports per operator and per company about issues (trouble tickets), used by the call center team.


Detailed and trend reports about alerts, trends and scheduled maintenance.


transactions details and summaries, corrupted transactions, and CDR export report.


Comprehensive set of billing-related reports covering revenue and breakdown; profit and loss trends; cash flow taxes, end of month export and faulted payments and invoices.


Detailed miscellaneous reports cover information and summaries regarding GHG; Address validation exceptions, and chargers without addresses.

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