Self-healing algorithms enable more than 80% remote problem resolution

Increase revenues, improve ROI and maximize overall efficiency with a comprehensive set of EV management operational tools and capabilities for your empowerment. Driivz enables you to manage every aspect of your EV charging operation, easily, intuitively….and profitably.
Customize your system to get the most effective solution for building, managing and growing your business.

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Among the features you will benefit from:

Visual Operator Dashboards

Provides a graphical view of the overall network status, account management, alerts, tickets, energy usage and more.

Complete Charger Management

Live charger monitoring, remote commands, transaction monitoring, detailed technical logs and more.

Detailed Driver Management

Full account management with up-to-date information, charging history, billing information, contracts and transactions, adding members on account, activity monitoring, open requests/CRM tickets and more.

Easy RFID/token management

Provisioning, fulfillment (provisioning to customers), and more.

Proactive Problem Resolution

Complete management of problem reporting and resolutions Includes call tracking, reported reason, technical information, history tracking, comments and attachments. Notifications are configurable by operators.

Automated Self-healing algorithms

automatically resolve up 70% of issues remotely, without operator intervention.

Efficient Host management

Management of charger hosts (for non-owned chargers) with support for contracts with reimbursements, rent payments, and more.

Widest protocol support, future-proof

The Driivz platform is based on open industry standards so you can decide what hardware is right for you: our platform is fully OCPP compliant and already supports:

  • Over 80 charger models
  • The full range of current industry standard protocols such as OCPP, OCPI, OCHP, OICP, eMIP, OpenADR and more
  • Many proprietary protocols with tools to support and integrate any protocol
  • The protocols of tomorrow, such as OCPP 2.0, ISO 15118 (plug-n-charge, energy management)

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