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EV Charging: All the news – June 25, 2019

Oren Halevi
Posted By Oren Halevi
25 June

If you want to stay in the loop about all things EV, Driivz is the number one place to go for all the industry news you don’t want to miss. This fortnight, we’re looking at huge EV sales from two of the biggest car manufacturers, taxation and benefit changes that have been a decade in the making, and a new player in the US market that might just raise the bar for some of the coasting charging companies out there. So, let’s get started!

Great news for Electric Vehicle OEMs

BMW Group have announced their May sales, highlighting the highest growth for plug-in electric cars this year. Since November 2013, the company have sold 400,000 EVs. In the last month, they achieved more than 5% of the total volume, selling 11,222 in total. Almost halfway through 2019, BMW’s EV sales are up 2.2% YOY, and they are on track to reach half a million sales by 2020.

Renault have also experienced great growth in EV sales, up 58% YOY in May, the last month before the new ZOE was released. Apart from the ZOE, Renaults best-selling EVs are the Kangoo Z.E (up 36%) and the Master Z.E. In the company’s main segment, Europe, BEVs are responsible for 4.2% of sales overall.

Perhaps the coolest ice-cream in the world, how awesome is Nissan’s latest project, this zero-emission ice cream van? Starting with their e-NV200 light-duty commercial van, the vehicle was modified with Nissan’s latest “Energy Roam” innovation, using a lithium-ion power back which works through batter cells that were recycled from older, now obsolete Nissan EVs from earlier in the decade. These are used for the electricity within the vehicle itself, helping to keep the freezers, ice cream machines and refrigeration units running smoothly. Charged up by solar panels on the roof or by power outlet – make ours a double scoop!

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EV Industry Chatter from Around the World

A central Indian think-tank, led by its Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked for plans from OEMs to draw up electric scooter solutions for the country. With more than 20 million scooters and bikes sold each year in India, this could be a solid entry point for the Indian market into EV.

Meanwhile, across the pond in the UK, plans have been announced to install as many as 50,000 EV charging points in the next 5 years, working towards becoming a zero-emission city as soon as 2030. Transport for London has resolved to install a percentage of these charging points, with the majority looking to come from the private sector in order to support Mayor Sadiq Khan in achieving these goals.

Big news out of Israel this month, as the Ministry of Finance has outlined the new taxation scheme that will eventually replace the current tax benefits for low-emission vehicles. Non-plug-in hybrids will see a rise in tax from 30% to 83%, with PHEVs following suit before 2024 when BEVs will also see tax rise from 10% to 35%. The Tax Authority will be slowly reducing the amount of benefits that HEVs receive, a move which is looking to bring the government yields of as much as 1 Billion ILS as soon as 2021.

Charge Ahead

A new face in the charging manufacturing market this month, as Spanish company Wallbox enter the US market. Wallbox are based in Barcelona, bringing their expertise from installation of more than 20,000 charging units globally, in countries such as China, New Zealand, and across Europe. The charging stations are car-agnostic, and integrated with their proprietary myWallbox cloud-based management platform, helping EV stakeholders step into Industry 4.0 with digitalization opportunities such as real-time updates and remote programming.

The chargers have cutting-edge technology including facial recognition, sensor-based smart tech and best in breed secure access controls. Watch this space, we anticipate the company making a splash.

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